Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nana's house, part two

This "make it by midnight" element of content challenge is killing me.


So, I was on a nostalgia trip about my grandparents' house in Winter Park, Florida, circa the mid-to-late 70s.  Many notable things occurred there, including my early introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, before it was published -- when it was still played merely with graph paper and little figurines of elves and dwarves.  But more on that later.

My grandmother was a night owl -- I picked up that habit from her.  She'd stay up through the night, watching the black-and-white TV on the rollaway stand, doing crossword puzzles.  So would I.

We also shared a love for cheesy horror movies.  I think I wrote elsewhere in this blog about going to drive-in triple-features in the Florida summer (with me as a mosquito smorgasbord but loving it.)  One I especially remember had a movie with Linda Day George in it -- Beyond Evil, I believe -- I would have been 14 that summer.  She plays the wife of an architect who is possessed by some kind of evil spirit ... and ... that's all I remember.

She was also in a movie called Day of the Animals, one of the 70s eco-horror genre movies, where Nature has run amok.  Basically, radiation coming through a hole in the ozone layer makes all the animals above a certain elevation go crazy and start attacking people.  Vultures I think get one poor soul -- but the worst attack was when a guy sits in a truck (somehow not looking before he sits down) that is crrrrawwwwling with snakes.

Snakes!  Snakes, I say.  Eeeeeeeeeee.


Blogger Dorinda said...

I was just telling someone at work the other day about a 70s eco-horror movie that's stuck with me: "Frogs". The poster shows a giant frog with A HUMAN HAND sticking out of its mouth, but despite that, and despite the title (implying froggish carnage, a la The Birds), the frogs didn't actually...kill anybody. Things got very Southern Gothic and swampy and sweaty and tense, and the frogs got louder and louder, and then someone would wander off and get killed by a turtle. So the gist was basically that THE FROGS were very bossy.

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