Sunday, November 19, 2006

Don't forget about Pluto

When I was six, I was in tap class. ("Of course you were!" rings out across the globe.) I was, of course, the only boy ("Of course you were!"). We had a little routine that we did, all about the planets. Since I was the only boy, I got to be Pluto.

We didn't sing the song - it was on a scratchy 45. It went a little something like this:

We are the smallest planets by far
We're Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.
Now here come the big ones, you better watch out
They're Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Now we're eight, and we are great
But don't forget about Pluto!

Hi, Pluto, where have you been?
We would not want to forget you
You may be small
And far away
Won't you join us in our dance today?

And then we danced, danced, danced up a storm.

And of course I still know the song.

My tap teacher stopped teaching dance in order to go sell turquoise jewelry out in the desert somewhere. My sister and I started going to a different dance school, but the teacher was mean, and had a cane that she whipped around menacingly. So dance class no longer seemed so fun, and we eventually stopped going.

And that's why I'm not in A Chorus Line ...