Thursday, July 27, 2006


"... what's this?"

"Looks deserted. Like some blog used to be here. Now it's all rundown and cobwebby."

"Cobwebby isn't a word."

"Full of cobwebs, then. And crumbs."

"Lord, the crumbs."

"Do you think anyone's coming back?"

"It's so... Haunted Mansion-y."

"What's this on the wall ... ?"

"I can't read it... can you?"

"Just barely... something about the end of the world, and controlling the weather?"

"How very John Bellairs."

"I loved that one book of his... the something, the something and the something. The Hat, the Sandwich, and the Bottle Opener..."

"The Letter, The Witch and The Ring?"


"I hear something..."

"Little feet running back and forth upstairs...?"

"No... someone's coming."