Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I've been tagged!

I've been not-blogging for so long, it's a honor to be remembered.

The meme is -- five things to do in your city. So, here they are. I'll start with New York - but I will limit myself to the East Village where I work - because as Crash pointed out, you could easily come up with five million things if you included the entire city.

1. Eat in the outdoor garden at the Cloister Cafe, on 9th Street just west of Second Avenue, on the south side of the street. The entrance is a bit hidden - but it's a treasure when you find it. I do all my let's-have-coffee meetings there, because Starbucks is a joke if you're actually trying to have a conversation. In cold weather, you can eat inside, where there are huge glowing stained glass windows for walls - and a potbelly stove with flickering flames within. Cozy.

2. Go to Kim's Video on St. Mark's Place, about midway between Third and Second Ave, where they have an amazing selection of random DVDs you didn't know you had to have until you saw them. Actually, I try to stay out of there for that very reason.

3. Go to Tompkins Square Park, if you are a Boston Terrier with a keen interest in squirrel hunting. The park is always ... lively ... but you won't lack for squirrel company.

4. Go to A Salt and Battery, on Second Ave around 4th Street, if you have a craving for British fish and chips ... or a deep fried Mars bar. If you have one of those, you won't need to eat another for at least a year. It's like a flu shot.

5. Visit Sam's Deli, on Second Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark's Place, right next to the Belgian fries place, and a few doors down from Love Saves the Day (a mecca of odd collectible toys.) I mention Sam's because that's where I get just about everything when I'm at work, and it's great to have a place where they know that you want tuna salad for lunch ... like you've had for lunch one thousand times before. In the summer, they keep their freezer full of cups of ice. You bring one to the counter if you want iced coffee. The cups are the slightly thin waxed-paper kind that always seem to be about to give way under the onslaught of moisture and cold. Very impermanent - very summery. I love those guys.

Even though I'm still learning about Baltimore, here are five things to do there. The first thing would be to visit bluehouse. We'll talk after you complete that task.


1. Go to Robert E. Lee Memorial Park, which is hidden away in Mt. Washington, near the light rail stop. If you're me, you'll miss the entrance the first time, when you're driving a Boston terrier in search of new squirrel-laden lands to conquer.

2. Go to Drusilla's Books, at 817 N. Howard Street. I love used bookstores, and I love old childrens' books. This store isn't enormous, but they have a well-chosen selection - their wall of series books (like Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins and other lesser-known titles) is worth serious browsing.

3. Go to that crepe place on Charles Street, right by the Everyman Theater and the Charles movie theater. It's Sofi's Crepes. Everytime I'm in that area, I think ... mmmm, crepes. They recently expanded, which means: more crepes.

4. Go to the Charles and see a movie. I love being within walking distance of this theater - there's always something interesting - but movies you'd actually want to see. Most recently we saw Little Miss Sunshine there - it lives up to the good reviews.

5. Take a stroll through Bolton Hill, specifically the length of Lanvale Street to Eutaw, and returning down Lafayette from Eutaw to Mt. Royal. This is a walk that can be enjoyed two or three times a day, and includes highlights such as: The Big Oak Tree Where Squirrels Live, the Telephone Pole Where I Saw A Squirrel Once, Plus A Dead One Once, the Alley Where That Dead Rat Is Melding With The Sidewalk, and the Flimsy Tree Where Another Squirrel Was Hiding, But I Knew He Was There (guidebook entries courtesy of Goblin.)

As far as tagging anyone else -- anyone engaging in the content challenge is welcome to take this as a personal tag, from me to you.


Blogger Rindy said...

I had a deep fried Mars Bar a few years ago, at the Dane County Fair. It was served on a stick, as such items really should be. (Food on a stick is an important culinary category.)

I guess I'll be due for another one by, what, 2008?

9:00 PM  
Blogger jwer said...

Dammit! Thus shall be exposed my utter ignorance of a city I've lived in on and off for 16 years!

Meanwhile, REL Park is TOTALLY closed to dogs, man, Beilenson said so... too much poop in the dirt, y'see... I suspect it's more like "too many rich people in the surrounding neighborhoods" but whatever.

4:17 AM  
Blogger David said...

I have certainly been on Goblin's tour of Baltimore before, and those entries blaze like torches in my skull.

Also, I think REL is open to dogs again. It was only supposed to be closed for a year, and I heard about that, like, two years ago.

9:32 AM  
Blogger crumblord said...

The park certainly seems to be open to dogs. There was a container on a post where some Friends of Animals group had supplied poop bags. Plus there were plenty of dogs there, including some galloping around off-leash. Luckily Goblin was too hot to be concerned with anything except rolling in the cool, cool grass.

11:00 AM  
Blogger jwer said...

Are you trying to suggest that I somehow dropped out of the world for close to two years????

6:50 PM  

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