Friday, September 15, 2006

Tiger: grrrrr

For the last day or so, my laptop -- ordinarily attached to me like an extra brain or a kidney -- has been acting up. Damn you, Apple! It started out with small, strange blurps ... the "Spotlight" find feature could find nothing ... literally, it said there was nothing on my hard drive. And now I can't open files, either through the program, or through Finder windows. Just when I get to the application or document I want to open, the Finder window blinks away like Jeannie transporting Major Nelson into her bottle... I'm madly searching around on Mac Forums to find a possible answer -- I hear there are some strange quirks with the new iTunes (Thanks a lot). There's never a good time for computer trauma, but especially when I'm not right in the middle of finishing scores to three different shows.

That shrieking sound you hear is me. It's the high pitched whine created as I grind my teeth into dust.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My four month old macbook has already been sent back once for repairs, and has to go again next week to solve a problem they failed to fix last time. Although, I am told, since the last time they tried to fix it, they've actually figured out how to solve this (widespread) problem, so there's hope this may be the last time I have to send it off (for this problem). But I am still a relatively unhappy camper.

And yet... I cannot imagine having anything other than a Mac. It's worse than heroin.

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