Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm racing against the clock for today's entry, so I will just say: Thank GOD that the Project Runway judges had some sense and finally awarded a win to the inestimable Laura Bennett. She was exhausted and teary-eyed midway through the challenge - I thought perhaps Killer Fatigue would claim her. But no - sometimes you need to be broken down before you can recover greater strength. And she won. We "wooo"'d. Really we did.

And believe me, we were both worried. When they showed Laura's lace cocktail dress midway through construction, it looked like something your Nana would wear to a wedding. With a hat that had a feather.

I found it pointless to bring back Angela and Vincent. Why? And I can see having the limitation of only black and white, but why the "use all your fabric scraps" element to the challenge? Were they being wasteful? Is this like the fashion industry version of "eat all your peas, there are children starving in China? And no, don't stuff your peas in your purse, that's not what it's for."

I do wish that Jeffrey had been booted off, but I am resigned to seeing him in Fashion Week - unless the judges see the light next week, it's likely to be Uli or Laura who goes next.

I'm sorry to see Kayne go, but that dress just wasn't great. Even I, the king of rumpled, knew that - the back looked like the lacing on a mini-trampoline.

Project Runway is a harsh mistress - I hurried home from New York as fast as I could so that David and I could watch it in real time. That's devotion.


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