Thursday, September 07, 2006

One more down, two to go

Designers, that is.

The last few weeks I've been in New York on Wednesdays, the night when the new Project Runway episodes air; this means that I have to avert my eyes from all potential internet discussions of what happened until I can get home to David and we can fire up the TiVo.

Although the show may have jumped the shark, or at least might be circling around on waterskis, I'm still addicted. Thank god Vincent was auf'd this week -- he was really grating on my nerves. The challenge the designers faced this episode was creating a couture gown in two days; when Vincent was gluing his together at the end, I was hoping that spelled the end for him. It didn't help my fragile nerves that the elimination was between Vincent and the sharp-tongued, fabulously stylish opinionated Laura, who I want as my new best friend. If they had gotten rid of Laura, I would have had to swear off the rest of the season.

Now they're down to Laura, Kayne the pageant gown designer, Michael the Favorite (who is my pick for the win), Uli the User of Many Colorful Prints, and Jeffrey the Rawker (who won the challenge this week with a couture gown made from a yellow plaid, which looked like it was created using a bedspread into something a Peanuts character would wear to whatever award shows Peanuts characters go to.)

This week at school, we've been evaluating the graduate students' proposals for their thesis projects. I always aspire to be as sage and inspiring as Tim Gunn. This week, I fear, I was channeling Nina "Ugh! I'm rolling my eyes" Garcia and Michael "do I smell poo?" Kors instead.


Blogger David said...

Maybe the camera only catches Michael Kors when Goblin is walking by.

9:14 PM  
Blogger jwer said...

I'm pretty sure that awards show is called "The Peenies".

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jwer blows my awards show name out of the water: "The Legumes."

-Jason Rohrblogger

6:26 PM  

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