Sunday, September 17, 2006


Link fixed. I think.

More songs. More computer trauma (although parts of it are slowly getting better.)

Some advances on various fronts. We have an actress to complete the trio - one we are very, very happy about. She sounds happy to be involved. We have the space booked. One step at a time.

I'm having to take a break from reading my usual plateful of political blogs - I want to stay informed, but the stress level interferes with my composing and for the moment I just have to stay in my blissful ignorance bubble to get anything done. In the meantime, this blog has become my new daily read. It's the rehearsal journal of the one of the authors of Mimi LeDuck, a musical which opens Off-Broadway next month.

The show originated at NYU, and was written during the first year that I taught there. I have a special affection for everyone in that class; I wasn't connected with this project other than wishing it well, but I loved it in its madness from the start.

I'm especially thrilled to see it finally come to Off-Broadway - it just demonstrates how long and difficult a road it really is - this show has been making this journey for eight years. Believe it or not, that's about how long it takes. And it takes incredible determination, self-confidence, and guts (let alone talent.)

So check it out. Diana's a great writer, and it's fun reading her posts, even if you're not a theater person at all.

And they managed to acquire an incredible cast, including Eartha Kitt. For that alone, they deserve to be a big honking success.


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Hey--not sure if this happens for everyone else, but I can't actually see your links, which means I can't follow em, which means I sit here sad and ignorant, out in the cold. Wah.

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