Monday, March 28, 2005

And yes, I'm happy to see you.

The other day, I discovered a banana in my pocket. To be more precise, it had been in the pocket of my leather coat; like a stowaway in an airliner wheelwell, it had come to a bad end, having been squished at some point during my journey from New York to Baltimore. I didn't remember exactly how it got there; does it matter?

Once, while waiting at the Baltimore airport for my sister to arrive (and trying in vain to catch a glimpse of anyone from Airline), I nonchalantly pulled a sandwich out of my pocket. David was slightly aghast. What was I doing with a sandwich in my pocket? Where did I get it? How long had it been there? I thought the answers were all obvious: it was there Just In Case; from Subway (it had been part of a foot-long Subway club); and, does it matter?

No sooner had my sister arrived than she mentioned that during her flight, she had pulled a sandwich out of her pocket. I felt justified somehow; it had been conclusively demonstrated that having a sandwich in my pocket was a genetic tendency over which I was powerless.

Of course now, before I sit down on my coat, I check my pockets.


Blogger Rindy said...

The Sandwich-in-one's-Pocket is a crucial accoutrement for every well-prepared traveler. Or, you know, every person who might at some point want a sandwich. And hey, look, there's one in my pocket.

Once you have basked in the envious glares of your fellow airplane passengers, who are nibbling on thumbnail-sized packets of pretzels while you reach into your pocket for a nice turkey-on-a-french-roll, you will never go back.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Are you sure that pneumonia bout wasn't salmonella poisoning?

10:20 AM  
Blogger crumblord said...

Well, it could have been bananamella poisoning.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

Oh I just ADORED Bananamella! I used to sing "Robert DeNiro's Waiting" in the shower all the time! Oh wait...that was Bananarama! Never mind......

5:13 PM  

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